Munay Sonqo Guest Info

Munay Sonqo is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley in a small community called Arin, near to the town of Calca. It is magical and it’s beauty profoundly affects all who visit it.

The following are Important Tips to ensure a comfortable stay with Munay Sonqo:

Weather and Environment

– Weather in the Sacred Valley is  mostly very mild. The days are generally between  around 18-23 degrees Celsius, however due to the altitude  (2930m), nights can be as low as 4 degrees.

– Peru has a wet season (November to April) and a dry season (May- October) each year.  Please pack accordingly for stays during the wet season.

– Sunburns occur faster here than at lower altitudes, so please always carry sunblock and a hat.

–  Avoid drinking tap water. Although it is treated, we provide provides alkaline Kangen filtred water with a pH of 9.5 to help the body alkalize, oxygenate, rejuvenate, and digest better at this altitude.

–  We are quite close to the jungle, and there is a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna, including some mosquitos, spiders and other bugs. Please bring natural insect repellent for excursions or outdoor activities.

–  Even during our rainy season (November to end of March), our climate is generally dry. We recommend applying a natural daily moisturizer to keep you comfortable.

– For hot water in the rooms, please open the left side handle of the shower all the way, and wait up 20 2  minutes. Lower the pressure slightly for even hotter water.

–  Please do not flush toilet paper or other objects down the toilet as it blocks out sewage system. Please use waste baskets provided. 

–  In case of a nighttime emergency, please contact your group leader and/or the security team, who patrol the grounds at night with a flashlight.


– We offer a vegetarian buffet service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Due to Covid protocols we now plate meals)

– We are able to cater for Vegan, Gluten Free, and Dairy free dietary requirements. Many of the ingredients used come from the organic farms of the NGO we support Sach’a Munay. Chicken or fish can be served for lunch or dinner for an additional $5 per person per day upon prior request.

Living in Peace & Harmony with Nature

–  The center has a natural water treatment system called an auxiliary ecosystem, based on plants, rocks, and sensitive microorganisms. These are responsible for filtering and cleansing the water leaving the pipes of our accommodations so that it can safely return to nature. Because of this, please only use ecological shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, lotions etc.

–  Our boutique cafe, called Cafe Sonqo, located at the carpark at the entrance of the center has many natural body product options for those who wish to switch over during their stay. Please ask the coordinator for opening hours.

Reception / Group Coordinator

A group coordinator will be present during meals times to assist with any questions or logistics during retreat. Outside of meal times reception will be open from 6am – 9pm.

Extra Activities & Bills

– Please check out our range of extra activities and therapies here

–  Payments with credit or debit card have an extra fee of 5%, so we recommend you travel with enough cash to pass on this extra charge. ATMs are located a short taxi ride away from the Center; please contact the coordinator to arrange a taxi.

–  For extra meals, please request the coordinator in advance.

–  Laundry is 12 soles a kilogram ($3, approx. 2.2 lbs.), with the minimum being 1 kg. Please place your laundry in the bag provided in your accommodations and leave it outside of your room, along with the ticket provided with all information filled. The laundry will be ready in 24 hrs.

–  Extra activities are scheduled or cancelled at least 24 hrs in advance. Should cancellation be within 24 hrs, you will be charged 50% of the total price of the activity. Taxis ordered through us follow this rule as well.

– All bills are paid one day before Check Out. Please check with the coordinator about the time and location to make the payments.


– All our rooms and common spaces have 220v powerpoints. Phone and laptop chargers are duel voltage meaning a transformers is not necessary unless one wants to bring and use a large 110v appliance

Internet and Cell Signal

Wifi is available in the Restaurant and Cafe. If internet/cell signal is essential for your work it is recommended that you purchase a pre paid Claro sim card from Av.Garcilaso N° 1101, esquina con Av. El Sol, Cusco before arrival to Munay Sonqo.


–  All visits from visitors outside of the group must be arranged with the coordinator in advance, and upon arrival must report to the coordinator.

– Extra meals or accommodation for visitors must be arranged in advance with the coordinator