Regenerative Business and Sach'a Munay NGO

Munay Sonqo regenerative business model integrates the 3 ethics of Permaculture of earth care, people care and return of surplus. Through our non-profit Sach’a Munay , we strive to be an exmaple of a business model that give back to the local community and environment. 

Munay Sonqo is proud to be the sole benefactor of the Peruvian Non-profit Assocaition Sach’a Munay, who is our sister organization. Our business philosophy and vision see us being a positive and empowering force wihtin the community and to that end a large portion of our profits goes to support Sach’a Munay to benefit the local community and our Earth.  Sach’a Munay employs 3 full time staff and  works with local schools and communities offering education and programs in organic agriculture, permaculture and issues facing local families.

Their demonstration organic farm provides delicious vegetables and herbs to our restaurant. Please visit to learn more. 


Sacha’a Munay’s programs include:

– Organic school gardens and supplementation of students lunches in 4 local primary schools.

– Presentation and capitation on social and family issues to parents of students.

– Organic field trials to develop a regenerative organic system of agriculture for growing Maize and other local crops.

– Demonstration farm of Biointensive Organic Agriculture to train local farmers and demonstrate new profitable and environmental friendly techniques of producing  vegetables. These delicious vegetables we use in our Kitchen for our guests!

– Workshops for locals in Bio-intensive Agriculture.

– Organization of service projects for visiting tourist groups to work with and serve the local community.