To ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff Munay Sonqo follows the following covid protocol approved the Peruvian government.



  • MUNAY SONQO will increase the resources for the disinfection of wellness services (dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dressing rooms and toilets) and common rooms, the frequency of disinfection will be daily.
  • OZONE generators will be used for disinfection of all facilities.
  • The frequency of cleaning in toilets and portable showers will also be daily.
  • The administration and logistics area will maintain a continuous supply of basic supplies (water, liquid soap, paper towels, toilet paper and / or alcohol gel with a minimum of 70% alcohol) in the toilet services and check in area.
  • Verify in the previous control the correct use of PPE, take samples of body temperature (not higher than 38 ° C.) And enforce social distancing for everyone who enters the shelter. In addition, inform everyone who enters any of the hotel’s facilities of compliance with the protocols.


  • Implement corresponding signs to inform guests of all the rules to follow regarding COVID-19.
  • When checking in, the minimum distance of 2 meters, the use of masks and body temperature will be verified. The sanitized area has been designated to carry out the first preventive sanitary measures (wash hands, disinfect footwear, etc.)
  • Luggage, suitcases and other accessories will be disinfected with OZONE generators before entering the rooms.
  • We will enter the guests electronically in order to avoid contact or exchange objects. (We will use Tablet, cell phones and laptop)

NOTE: Inform guests that they must contact the coordinator in case they show any symptoms of COVID-19 within 2 weeks of leaving the hotel.


  Protocols of the administrative and operational areas


Offices and work areas


  • MUNAY SONQO cleans and disinfects all environments in the area, itself, accessories and equipment, daily.
  • Social distancing will always be respected as long as there are three or more people within the same enclosure.
  • Follow proper sanitation practices during the workday, as well as wash your hands regularly and avoid shaking hands or hugging.


Changing rooms and bathrooms


  • The good state of hygiene and operability of all rooms, accessories and other materials will be verified and maintained.
  • Order and social distancing will be respected during the use of these hygienic services.
  • The area manager will immediately communicate any damage to the facilities.



 Dining rooms


  • Establish the breakfast, lunch and dinner times according to the determined capacity.
  • MUNAY SONQO will distribute and prepare the tables respecting social distancing.
  • Both staff and guests must respect social distancing and may only remove the mask during consumption of food.
  • Daily supervision will be arranged to keep all the rooms, accessories and materials in the dining room in good cleaning and disinfection conditions.
  • OZONE generators will be used daily in order to disinfect both furniture and surfaces.




  • All vehicles destined to transport food or other materials necessary for storage will be conditioned. It will be cleaned and disinfected before its organization and final placement at its destination.
  • The trolleys will be used for their transfer. During this activity, workers will be informed of the minimum need to handle food, in the same way, avoid physical contact with any product. Always using the appropriate PPE for this purpose.
  • For perishable and non-perishable foods, appropriate methods and procedures will be applied to eliminate any contaminating agent.
  • The products will be stored in their respective place, ensuring their good protection and protection.



Identification of symptoms upon entering the workplace or hotel.


  • A declarative clinical epidemiological survey will be applied to all workers and guests with symptoms, daily until the end of the Health Emergency or their stay at the hotel.
  • The survey must be completed before entering the workplace or hotel and delivered to the health personnel in charge of safeguarding the health of all project members.
  • The health personnel will communicate about any symptomatic workers or guests immediately to take the pertinent actions.
  • Body temperature will be measured with immediate reading thermometers to all workers and guests who enter the work fronts or Shelter.
  • The application of rapid tests for COVID-19 to suspected cases and contacts in the workplace will be managed in a timely manner, as well as the contacts at home will be identified.
  • Munay Sonqo will always offer all the information and help according to covid -19 in the Sacred Valley or Cusco.