Sustainability at Munay Sonqo

Munay Sonqo Retreat Center  aligned  to the highest standards of ecological awareness and sustainable practices. With this in mind our buildings have been constructed with a focus on using natural and local materials. We are always looking for ways we can do things cleaner, healthier and happier for the Planet.


Increasingly our hot water and heating systems are being converted to systems that use solar energy from collectors on our roofs. Since clean, potable water is precious, we have installed a  waste-water treatment system and bio-digestor that cleans water through with the help of plants and sends it to the center’s fruit trees, and ornamental gardens.


All kitchen and garden waste is continually composted and used to feed our gardens and the organic farm run by Sach’a Munay. We use biodegradble plastic bags and collect and sort paper, plastic and glass for recycling.