School Yoga Institute: Mystical Yoga Teacher Training

April 23 – May 13, 200 hr YTT
June 10 – 30, 200hr YTT
September 2 – 22 200hr YTT
September 2 – 26 300 hr YTT
November 4 – 22 200hr YTT
December 1 – 21 200hr YTT
School Yoga Institute/Sacred Lotus 200 and 300 hr certified Yoga Alliance Teacher training’s hold a strong intention for personal transformation. In this way, the courses are designed not only to provide students with tools to share the wisdom of yoga with others, but also to look at their own lives from a spiritual perspective.
To guide the process of personal transformation we draw on the ancient wisdom of the East as well as on the Shamanic Medicine Wheel of Peru. Our trainings are arranged in four cycles, following the four cardinal directions, asking the guardian spirits to guide a cycle of release, understanding, growth and empowerment. Together we create a space that reveals our wisdom within and accelerates the realization of our life purpose.

We share the Art of Teaching and Art of Touch, during which students learn to teach two asana sequences, the Mystical Hatha Flow, a slow, meditative, Sivananda-based practice, and the Mystical Vinyasa Flow, a more intense, breath-synchronized flow. We also share the fundamentals of intelligent sequencing and explore alignment and adjustment of poses in depth. Each evening we close with Satsang, our evening gathering, which may be meditation, kirtan chanting or sacred ceremony.

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June 18 – June 25, 2023

Spread your wings and join Rabbi Batsheva Meiri, Joshua Canter (True Nature’s Founder), and friends for a contemplative Tikkun Olam (“service”) adventure journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru to explore what it means to be a Jew in the world. After a year like no other, we are so looking to “being” together for this well-needed retreat and pilgrimage. Together, we will experience the richness of Peruvian culture, engage in meaningful acts of g’milut chasadim, community service projects, explore sacred sites, all the while weaving Jewish mindfulness practice and ritual to heighten our transformation as individuals and community. Immersed in native Peruvian spiritual traditions and rituals, we hope to reawaken in us the magic of being connected to the earth, which is at the heart of ancient Jewish tradition, but may have become lost to us. We will become a community of global spiritual explorers in search of our own personal True Nature.

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JULY 26 – AUGUST 3, 2023

Join Sianna and Masood on a journey of a lifetime to Sacred Peru with yoga, live music, ceremony, and pilgrimage to powerful vortex sites.  Activate your heart wisdom as we open the gates in this Supercharged Portal with Lion’s Gate and the Full Moon. 

Each day Sianna will offer transformative practices of Rasa Yoga with asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation and soul alchemy. Masood will guide you with his hand pans, meditative music, singing and a Full Moon Kirtan dance party! 

Peru is a land of mysterious beauty and profound spiritual connection. Experience the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world, and be guided in traditional Andean ceremony and immerse in Peruvian culture. Deepen your connection with the earth and offer back by participating in the local Karma Yoga Service Project. 

Journey to Sacred Peru is an alchemical pilgrimage to deepen your spiritual connection with expansive states of awareness.  This is a perfect opportunity to gather in community with yoga, prayer, meditation, ceremony, and sacred site journeys. 

Sianna and Masood welcome you fully for a journey of a lifetime in Sacred Peru.

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with Myla and Lauren

August 1 – 6, 2023

Find your unlimited potential on our magical 7 day chakra balancing retreat! Chakras are the energy centers that govern different aspects of our physical, mental and emotional selves. Over time these can become blocked which can cause us humans to feel tired, in emotional or physical pain, bored and unsatisfied with relationships. It is essential for our well being to create balance in our chakras. Each chakra is a different color, located in a different area of the body (both energetically and physically) and connects to different aspects of our lives. It’s time to reconnect and give yourself space to heal. Are you ready to create massive change in your life?

Peru is one of the 7 wonders of the world and the sacral chakra of Mother Earth. It is known as the lost city and considered by shamans to be an energy vortex. What does this mean exactly? and how does this relate to you? Visiting this city will increase your energy to match the amplified vibration of Peru. This ancient land is filled with mysteries and such a high frequency that staying here for a short trip will give you the positive boost you’ve been looking for! Machu Picchu is a life-altering destination because it activates all the chakras and creates a pure space for spiritual messages to be received. One thing that we found interesting is that Machu Picchu’s terrain has quartz scattered amongst the mountains. Quartz is a crystal made for healing and cleansing. It also creates psychic abilities, clarity, peace of mind and balances the immune system. Lucky us! We get to end our trip with an overnight adventure amongst the crystals and stars!

Our week begins with a Despacho Ceremony, an ancient shamanic gathering to heal, restore balance and ask specific requests from the spirit world. Each day we will balance one of the 7 main chakras by using yoga, breathwork, meditation, reiki and for the higher chakras the akashic records. Shed layers with daily vinyasa yoga and relax in the evening with restorative yoga and guided meditation. We are excited to dance amongst the crystals, breathe in the fresh scent of rolling hills and expand our minds to experience the teachings of the ancient Incas. Come find yourself and your tribe in the lost city of our Mother Earth!

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SEPTEMBER 23 – 30, 2023

Join Laura and Amy on the adventure of a lifetime to the Sacred Valley in Peru! The Sacred Valley is a lush green valley tucked into the Andes mountains, originally known by the Incas for its fertile agricultural land and powerful spiritual energy.  Today, the valley’s rich history and culture provide many opportunities for exploration, adventure, and reconnecting to the beauty of Mother Earth.

During this 7-day retreat, we’ll deepen our yoga practice at a beautiful retreat center nestled in the mountains. Here, we’ll connect to the richness of Peruvian culture! We’ll explore our surroundings by hiking to nearby waterfalls, exploring local markets and villages, and taking part in cultural ceremonies.

We’ll begin each day with an energizing yoga practice suitable for all levels of practitioners, followed by plenty of time to explore or relax.  Three meals of nourishing local cuisine will be offered at the retreat center each day. Additionally, join in on an optional guided excursion into the surrounding mountains and villages throughout the Sacred Valley.  We offer yoga practices during some evenings, along with time to recap your day’s adventures. All excursions, ceremonies, and yoga practices will be optional…giving you the agency to choose your own adventure!  You also have the option to add on a 2-night trip to Machu Picchu at the end of the retreat.

We cannot wait to share this spectacular experience with you!  We know it will be incredible and life-changing to experience this beautiful land, its people, and its rich and ancient culture.  All are welcome! 

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jennifer brewerCreating Sacred Rituals
Sacred Valley, Peru Retreat with Jennifer Brewer

October 8 – 14 2023

Rituals are an important tool for marking benchmarks in our maturation, connecting to something bigger than ourselves, and being part of a community. They offer some magic to the mundane.

Each day of the retreat will offer meditation, yoga, discussion and a new ritual designed around a different theme. Leave with a new perspective on how to make your asana practice more meaningful and begin to create and practice your own rituals bridging your humanness to the sacredness inside.

A variety of classes will be offered daily including restorative, vinyasa and hatha. You can pick and choose which style class or classes you would like to include in your daily ritual.

Join Jennifer Brewer in the Sacred Valley, Peru in October 2023!

Learn more and register today at https://truenaturetravels.com/retreats/yoga-peru-jennifer-brewer-2023/


October 8 – 14 2023

Join Heather & Denise for a week of practices designed to work on the physical, emotional, energetic & spiritual bodies in the sacred land of Machu Picchu. October 8-14, 2023 experience yoga, breath-work, meditation & sound healing designed to work on the aforementioned four bodies. This work will lead up to an annular solar eclipse and a new moon on October 14th. Extend your stay with us as we travel to the spiritual grounds of Machu Picchu on the day of the eclipse for an extra two days of exploration and connection!

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October 14 – 21 2023

Leading retreats and teacher trainings all over the world has been my life’s mission and has allowed me to be constantly inspired by nature, cultures, spirituality, and all of the elements.

If you are ready to take the reset you know you deserve, and connect back to the person you are meant to be… we have a retreat for that!

This retreat includes:

2x Daily Vinyasa and restorative Yoga, plus additional workshops

Time for relaxation or group hikes/excursions

Opportunities for ceremony, temezcal (sweatlodge) and many more expereinces

Spa (sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, swimming pool, salt cave

3x meals included daily (Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner)

For more info visit https://www.saraholesonyoga.com/peru-retreat-2023


MARCH 10 – 16, 2024

Little by little one walks far” is a Peruvian Proverb that we will embrace fully as we walk through a week of living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. 


Join Catie and Christine in March 2024 in Peru’s Sacred Valley, nestled in the highlands of the Andean mountains. Your week-long adventure begins with a Despacho Ceremony, a Peruvian tradition to restore harmony, reestablish balance, and express gratitude. Each day will include daily yoga asana practice, meditation, guided journaling, optional sharing circles, and wellness opportunities. Participants will have the opportunity to explore an assortment of facilitated healing modalities including, Reiki, sound baths, and EFT (tapping). You will take part in a Seva (selfless service) project in the local community and our week will culminate with an optional guided excursion to Machu Picchu.

Learn more and register today at truenaturetravels.com/retreat/peru-catie-christine-2024/


 JUNE 8 – 15, 2024

Join Sheila Ewers for a Journey into Peru’s Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu and discover the magnificent terrain of self, soul and ancient spirituality. Together, we’ll immerse in Peruvian Culture exploring the sacred sites of the Incan empire, engaging in traditional Andean ceremony and practicing yoga, mindfulness and meditation. A driving principle of the Andean people is the concept of Ayni, or reciprocity. This is the idea that everything in the universe is connected, and therefore, each individual must live in right relation to each other and to all of creation, both giving and receiving. This journey is an opportunity to hone that skill within yourself, to deepen your connection to the earth, to weave into the fabric of a new culture, to feel supported by and to share the wisdom of divine consciousness, and to immerse in the sacred center of self and soul.

Learn more and register today at https://truenaturetravels.com/retreats/peru-sheila-2024/