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Munay Sonqo

A nurturing retreat space that inspires healing, transformation, and positive change in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

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The Munay Sonqo Newsletter
Nurturing inner growth, fostering outer change.

We have a heart-felt mission to create a nurturing environment for healing, learning, regeneration, and expansion.

The Munay Sonqo regenerative business model honors the three ethics of permaculture; earth care, people care, and fair share.

Through our Nonprofit Association, Sach’a Munay, we strive to be an example of a business model that gives back to the local community and the environment. Our vision and philosophy position us as a positive, empowering, and beneficial force for both the local community and the environment.
Shannon Balabuch
a month ago
All that I can say is WOW!!!! This retreat center felt other worldly. The yoga shala and accommodations in the mountains just felt like heaven on earth. An onsite coffee shop/boutique, spa services, coca leaf readings, a salt cave, saunas, and hot tubs really took this place to the next level. The food was absolutely exquisite and the staff fed us 3 meals/day and everything was so delicious, unique, and fresh! The staff was so kind and loving as well. They even made a gluten free carrot cake to surprise a guest!! They go above and beyond every day. Lastly, the extremely adorable and friendly dogs all across the campus helped cure some of my home sickness. Thank you!!
Renia Carsillo
3 months ago
One of the most thoughtful, beautiful, and well-managed places I've ever had the joy to travel to in my life. I stayed at Munay Sonqo for six days on a yoga retreat and every day was better than the one before. My friend and I kept turning to each other and saying, "this is the best day!" The staff is friendly, attentive, and well organized so every detail you could possibly think of is covered. The food is delightful, healthy, fresh, and creative. The spa services are simple and straightforward. The yoga spaces both indoor and outdoor are well taken care of and a stunning place to practice. Staying here, if you get the chance, guarantees your time in Peru to be memorable. Highly recommend!
Edyta McRae
2 months ago
The place is absolutely lovely. We had great time and host was very attentive. Juices were delirious and facilities clean and organised
Randy Clark
a month ago
It’s probly 5 stars considering the location but since 5 stars is four seasons lanai, this 4 stars is equivalent. It was very comfortable! It had most of the amenities…spa services, relaxation areas, community dining etc. we were on a spa retreat so those facilities met expectation. Be prepared for less developed infrastructure, plumbing was perfectly good but we couldn’t flush the toilet paper…there is no off campus activity without a tour. We wish the Peruvians the best and recommend this as tourism vacation.
Laura Ferguson
11 months ago
Such a beautiful and amazing retreat center, with an even better staff. We stayed for a week and I can’t say enough about the amazing meals and great service. Thank you, Munay Sonqo!

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