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Host a Retreat at Munay Sonqo

At Munay Sonqo we are living our holistic approach, not only expressed in caring of this amazing piece of land, but as well with respect to serve our clients with embodied passion.

We pride ourselves on the support we offer our retreat leaders and this is reflected in our testimonials many of which praise our support and service.

We are there for you from the first moment of contact:

Before your Retreat
  • Our own personal retreat concierge Angie  will be with you to
  • Listen to your needs
  • Ask useful questions thanks to our long experience
  • Help you with the planning and final touches to structure your retreat (e.g. changing days of excursion, adding flowers to a final ceremony etc.) 
  • Answer within 24 hours 
  • Offer micro-website within and share your retreat on our social media.
During your Retreat

Once you arrive at Munay Sonqo we take care of you and your participants:

You, as a retreat leader, will most probably come before your participants. We then take the time and sit personally with you and go through every day and every detail of your program

  • Welcoming your participants
  • Guide them to their rooms
  • Ask, listen and execute if they have special needs
  • Our skilled reception and concierge team can suggest extra activities like excursions, massage sessions etc. 
  • Enjoy the services of our unique spa with different types of saunas and salt cave 
  • Feel free to enquire a prolongation of your stay – we will check availability 
  • And of course … we are there for any other query which might arise during your stay 
  • Get in touch with us (button to contact form) 
  • And of course … we are there for any other query which might arise during your stay (reachable at reception or via WhatsApp from 7.00 am – 8.00 pm)